Tag: romance

Oct 16

Exploring your Sexuality: Promiscuity

“Fuck me like the whore I will be, choke me like the slut I can be, spank me like the bitch I want to be, worship me like the Goddess I am.” ~Autumn Forrester-Light   This is a quote that I am known for saying. So today’s topic is going to be the general concept …

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Sep 12

last night we made love

last night we made love and i was flying high in the sky past the clouds soaring i feel weightless i feel limitless i feel less of me and more of you with every smack i don’t feel pain i don’t feel hurt i don’t feel the stress of my day i feel the caress …

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Sep 01

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife   Thick thighs wide hips Piercing eyes full lips You only see with your eyes yet you don’t see the treasure that lies behind her eyes and not between her thighs   You are consumed with finding a prize some trophy wife someone to carry your strife be the pride of your life …

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Aug 12


Reasons that we’re here No, it’s not just a cheesy song title. In this period of reflection, I have gone over my previous relationships and realized that everyone has a reason for being there. Whether it’s long or short lived it still matters none the less. There is no reason for me to continue to …

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