Tag: erotic

Mission Accomplished

She laid before me a Goddess.  Her body glistened in the bright sunlight as it shown though the blinds. Full hips, lips, and breasts, I indulged my sights on the sweet wetness that was there for me.  I laid between her legs; I was nervous.  She caressed my face and I could feel the tension …

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Down on my Knees

It was down on my knees where I found peace I found the pleasure of surrender I found the joy of powerless I found the peace of submission of myself not just to you but to the greater than I to the cosmos to the life force that streams through me   It was down …

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I have not the words to say to begin to describe the way that I feel the things that have happened to me feel the unreal embrace the unnatural and enjoy the unparallel to the things that I have known in the past I love with a freedom that I have never known a joy …

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