Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Elle” by the Black

12803387Gabrielle Archer was a powerhouse woman. She was a successful realtor. She owned her own company. She was perfectly happy with her life as it was. Until she met Simon Bishop. Through a series of events she learned that life can be great when one is willing to go beyond her comfort zone.


The story was developed through a series of months.  It flowed rather nicely. The questions that were generally posed in the beginning were resolved in the end.  I found the characters true to form.  There was not much out of the ordinary about them.  They were realistically drawn by the author. As a practitioner of kink, it was clear to me that the author was familiar with the D/s (Domination/submission) lifestyle.  The relationship between Elle and Simon seemed to be true to an actual Dom/sub relationship that I have seen in every day practices.


I appreciated the references to seemingly real world events and places to help orient the story. It created a portrait in my head that helped to anchor the story for me.  (Now this may not be true for all readers. I happen to have previous knowledge of some of the cities mentioned.)  I appreciated the romantic development between the characters however for me I would have appreciated some conflict. Something that enticed me to want to read more about the characters. There was continuous development but it felt like it was missing some of the dramatics of other books.


The writing was very well done. There were a few words that were over used and some grammatical errors but overall, it appeared to be publication quality. I would definitely put this on my bookshelf a something I am glad that I have read, but I can’t say that this is quite a bookshelf must have.  I give it Four Leaves.  I did love it.4rating

Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Redemptive Acts” by Nikki Walker

316448380005941427_1382208035Cherise was a shy, promising college student until something traumatic happened. In one instant she found herself in a compromising situation and face to face with her attacker. When it seemed like she couldn’t trust anyone else, she found help in the unlikeliest of sources. Redemptive Acts is a story that is as beautiful as it is heart wrenching.


The story unfolded for me a bit too quickly. The book itself was separated into two parts. There were no glaring loopholes or plot holes that needed to be fixed, but there were times I felts the story could have used more embellishment. I found the characters to be true to face. They were believable and very realistic. This is not a Cinderella tale of someone who was lost and found but a story of two people who use each other to redeem a piece of themselves life had taken away. I think that most people can find something relatable in the story. The main characters have a natural attraction that leaps off the page. The romantic attraction is palpable. Even in their uncertainty, the tension can be felt by the reader. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Where most writers lack is making their writing flow. Walker does not have this problem. There is a natural progression from one scene to the next in the books. There are a few grammatical errors and some places where the characters POV switches but this is overall less than 5% of the book.  The book will elicit emotion, be prepared. How it affects the reader is very different. Overall I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes romance novels. It’s heartwarming and very endearing. I gave this book Four Leaves  because its good but it didn’t grasp me as something I NEEDED to have on my book shelf.  I am happy it’s there and still will happily read it again.4rating

Autumn’s Bookshelf: “A Perfect Fit” by Tory Richards

I kept waiting for it to get better…download (1)

It didn’t.  I believe that great writing begins in the first few pages of a story.  In the first few pages of this story, I was just bored.  I wasn’t looking forward to continuing to read the rest of the novella. The beginning was a bit original, a model who hires a bodyguard for protection, but after that beginning the story kind of went downhill.  There was no spark between the two main characters.   I was waiting for something to happen but nothing really did. The writing overall lacked something.  If the book didn’t have sex scenes in it I would assume the target audience was younger.  The descriptions seemed to target a younger crowd.  I think that it could have been better if expanded. Maybe if the story was longer, and the characters were more developed, the plot could have gotten better. I didn’t feel a conflict to the story. There was no incentive for me to finish other than I had started.  I give this book Three Leaves.  It could be better.  But as is, I don’t recommend it.



Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Up in Flames” by Tory Richards

up in flamesSome stories move to tears. Other stories move you to close the book.  While not quite either, Up in Flames just didn’t move me.  I was unimpressed with much of the premise behind the book.  Maybe my expectations are too high for erotic romance authors; however, this book left a lot more to be desired.  The writing was average.  The writer wrote a good story but the story did not tell me anything about the characters. The book felt dry and not really capturing some of the things that I felt it could have.  For example, I felt that the conversation between the two main characters was predictable and I could anticipate where it was going before it went there.  Overall, I don’t recommend the book as is.  I feel like it has a good premise. With better character building (even for a short story) and some more sentence variety, it could have a great short story for an anthology.

Some may like it, I was not one of them. I give the book Three Autumn Leaves.


Autumn’s Bookshelf: “The Rock” By the Black

“Shemya Air Force Base: It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.”


The Black writes a touching love story of two commissioned military personnel stationed in Alaska. For a romance story, I found it cute, affectionate and warm. As an erotic story it seems to lack sizzle. Maybe that was my perspective but I thought there might be more to the intimate scenes; however, I have since learned that this is one of his more tamer pieces.

The story as a whole is a rather quick read novella. It is easy to read, and I can appreciate the point of view of the narrator. The book reads closer to a personal diary format which accounts much for the large lapses in time, but it does leave me wanting to know more about what happened for Craig and Collie after Shemya. I know the goal of the writer is to leave the reader wanting more, but it felt unfinished. It was a good book, but I felt it could be a great book.

Overall, the Black does write a heart warming love story that should grace the walls of any romance reader’s collection. I laughed, I smiled, I wanted more. Kudos for giving me that, Mr. Black.

I give it Four Autumn Leaves


This book is an Autumn Bookshelf Exclusive not currently available in stores. For more books by The Black: Visit Amazon or his personal blog.

Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Journal of an Intelsexual” by ForbiddenLight

journals of an intelsexualFor reasons I’ve yet to discover, I need you.
I’m aroused on some inexplicable level, just to be in your company.
Awkward. Creepy. Kinky.
This is for the men who are slaying immortal appetites before the kids are out of school.
This is for the men who are performing their lifelong fantasies during lunch break.
This is for the men, twisted from being pinched between two lives.
I need you.
I am you.
Forbidden Light

It begins seemingly harmless. Much like a personal story, a journey of sorts about a man struggling with his duality between the carnality of his flesh and the conservativism of his spirituality. He finds himself in a war. A war fought on a different battlfield, the mind. “Journal of an Intelsexual” is a book like no other. Not a novel; it is somewhat of a memoir. It is a collection of stories and poems about the life and journey of a man struggling with the double mindedness of being brought up in a Christian home but finding himself in a personal war between spirit and flesh. I love way its written. different from others I have recently read he writes eloquently and yet sightly mystically just enough to intrigue without confounding the reader. If you are looking for a surprisingly poignant and introspective look on the human condition then I suggest looking no further.

Hands down this book gets Five Autumn Leaves


The book officially goes on sale on March 18th. HOWEVER, I highly suggest you reserve your copy now through presales offered at His Blog, Journals of an Intelsexual and click the ADD TO CART link on the right. For more information you can always contact Forbidden Light using the features located on the blog. OR you can listen to him in the Fantasies Fulfilled podcast archives: Bisexuality is it just a phase and as a featured panelist on the Convention of Tits and Dicks.

Tell Me Your Fantasy: Interview with Jason of b condoms

b condoms

Jason is the Chief Executive Officer of B Holding Group, LLC. B Holding Group is the distributor of b condoms (  b condoms is a luxury condom brand with a social mission.  The company uses part of its condoms sales to fund public health awareness and prevention initiatives.  The brand is currently sold at Whole Foods.  The brand is also made available across the country by various States like Georgia and Indiana, universities like Duke, Harvard and Morehouse College and non-profit organizations like AID Atlanta.

Prior to co-founding b condoms, Jason worked as an Attorney for several international law firms in Washington, DC, New York City, NY and Tokyo, Japan.  Jason is an avid traveler and enjoys watching independent films and spending time with friends. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College. At Morehouse, he was an Oprah Winfrey Scholar. Jason also graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, where he served on the Moot Court Team. He actively speaks at colleges around the country including Johns Hopkins University, Morehouse College, Tuskegee University and the University of Southern California and was recently recognized as one of the Top 40 Leaders Under 40 by the New Leaders Council and one of the “Ten Young Entrepreneurs to Watch” by Black Enterprise.

AFL: So tell me about b-condoms? What does the “B” stand for?
JP: We actually selected b because we wanted a brand that would be open and able to connect with all people and experiences. For example, you bSafe, bResponsible, bProud, etc
AFL: Understandable
JP: Basically, you can be whatever you want to be as long as you do it in a safe way.
AFL: What is your position in the company? How long have you been in the condom making business?
JP: My position is CEO. I’ve been with the company for 2 years
AFL: So have you been there since the inception? What prompted you to undertake this venture?
JP: Yeah, the idea actually started with my mother
AFL: How so?
JP: At the time, I was practicing law in NYC. I HATED my job
AFL: lol
JP: I wanted a career where I would make great money, but also be able to do more in the community. My mother used to run a non-profit in Boston, where I’m from. So growing up, that’s where I used to work a lot. I just couldn’t survive on non-profit money. So we were talking about different issues in the black community one day, first with the crack epidemic and then about HIV, and she mentioned that she couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a black condom company since we’re the ones so affected by HIV/AIDS. I thought to myself “wow”.
AFL: So that’s where you came up with “Luxury condoms with a social mission.”
JP: My immediate thought was a mix between Ciroc and Tom Shoes
AFL: lol. Alcohol and condoms
JP: I knew it had to be premium and but also community focused.
AFL: Pretty powerful combination 😉
JP: When I think Ciroc, I think premium. Tom Shoes makes me think community. So I went overseas for a few months and visited different manufacturing facilities to source the most premium latex for our condoms and once we secured the most premium quality latex and lubricant, I knew I had the product to move forward with.
AFL: You have stated that b-condoms encourage social responsibility, what are some of the socially responsible events, campaigns, etc, that you have supported or done?
JP: We’ve done a lot of different things. We had a full college tour last year with the Kaiser Family Foundation and greater than AIDS. We’re the official partner for the BET Rap-It-Up tour this year. We hosted events for national HIV/AIDS testing day in partnership the NYC Dept of Health and the National Action Network.
AFL: That is interesting. I know I have seen some of your condoms at Pride here and in DC.
JP: Yeah, we sponsored a bunch of pride events around the country from Baltimore/DC, Atlantic City, Atlanta
AFL: So what makes b-condoms different from buying a Trojan ® or Lifestyles ®?
JP: We’re different in a few significant ways. First, our product: We utilize a thinner grade of latex and a higher quality of silicone lubricant. This gives people the experience of wearing a condom, without feeling the condom. Because of our manufacturing difference, we also end up being one of the only vegan friendly condoms on the market. Plus, we are a social venture as well. We’re in the streets in a way that neither Trojan® nor Lifestyles ® are.
AFL: Do a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes toward social conscious endeavors?
JP: No, our model is different. We donate 1 condom to a non-profit for each condom we sell.
AFL: That is very different.
JP: We also fund awareness initiatives like the ones I stated as well. Lastly, and this is something that we don’t advertise much: we’re the only minority-owned and operated condom manufacturer.
AFL: Sensuality by Autumn and Fantasies Fulfilled supports MOBs and WOBs as much as possible especially those with a sexual health focus, Are there any plans for additional products? Non-latex? Dental Dams? Etc.?
JP: Yeah, we definitely plan to add on additional product lines. We’re planning to stay out of the dental dam business, but are looking at lubricants and additional types of condoms.
AFL: Okay.
JP: One thing that we’ve been working on recently is partnering up with the ladies that host pleasure parties to have them add condoms into their assortment and actually earn money and help grow the brand at the same time.
AFL: So where do you see your company in 5 years? in 10?
JP: Within 5 years, we’d like to be the second largest condom company in the U.S. and become the largest by year 10.
AFL: Where can people buy your product other than your website?
JP: They’re currently available in Whole Foods Market.
AFL: That’s wonderful. I have done some product testing personally. I must say I was impressed with the Platinum XL, much more than the Magnums I’ve used prior.
JP: That’s what up! Appreciate that.
AFL: So for the readers: how can they find out more about b-condoms? If they have questions how would they be able to reach someone? I know I found you on Twitter.
JP: I would recommend they follow us on Twitter. It’s @bcondoms on Twitter and Instagram and we’ve got a Facebook as well. We’re not as active there as we are on Twitter but if they’d like to support the movement or help us grow in their area, definitely reach out to us at
AFL: Okay now I am going to ask 10 questions I ask of all my interview subjects. I call it “The List” Its 10 get to know you type off the top of the head questions. What are your top 5 favorite TV shows?
JP: Entourage, How to Make it in America, The Voice, Sportscenter and Globe Trekker
AFL: Big Mac or Whopper?
JP: Whopper
AFL: Batman or Superman?
JP: Batman
AFL: American or Import Cars?
JP: American
AFL: Fave Color?
JP: Blue
AFL: Fave sexual position?
JP: Doggstyle
AFL: Favorite Curse Word?
JP: I don’t really curse like that
AFL: If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?
JP: Brazil
AFL: Is that your favorite place to visit? if not Where is?
JP: I used to live in Brazil. My favorite is kind of a toss-up. It would be between Brazil and Thailand
AFL: A world traveler I see…
JP: yeah, nearly 40 countries and counting
AFL: And lastly how do you like your eggs?
JP: scrambled with cheese
AFL: Well that brings us to the end of our interview. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans and readers?
JP: I would just say thanks for following and make sure to tell their local stores to carry b condoms. And if they want to support, hit us at
AFL: Thanks for taking the time to interview with me
JP: Anytime, Thank you. I really enjoyed that

You can learn more about b condoms by following them on twitter and instagram @bcondoms or

Six Sentence Sunday 11/4 Edition

I’m not a pimp, per se…
“Yeah, Freaky Niquey, what they call me,” she said.
Time out. Flag on the play. What!?
…But the title seems to have adopted me.

Just a Friendly Excerpt from a New WIP: “But, I’m a Lesbian”


Stay tuned for more excerpts each and every Sunday!six-sentence-sunday3

Autumn’s Bookshelf: Exclusive “22” By Rae Lamar


“Having suffered the loss of her fiancé, cushy job and luxury Midtown Atlanta condo at the height of the U.S. recession, Nina Drake packed up and left the ruins behind to start anew in sunny South Florida.

With no life and no friends, Nina settles in and resigns herself to the simple existence of a gift shop attendant where she passively observes the scores of colorful clientele living in the five-star resort where she works. In spite of Nina’s aversion to his sordid past, Dean Whitmore is determined to make her believe that his intentions are as real as their instant connection. And the fact that he only has a few weeks to prove it to her before life leads them in different directions just makes the challenge that much more appealing…”

Okay now that we have the promotional synopsis out of the way, lets get to the dirt.

I was skeptical. I admit. I reviewed the synopsis I thought this is another Terry McMillan spin off or something to that effect. I was definitely impressed. Not only with the plot but writing of the book. It was written very skillfully, and there was only a smidge of a lag. It was a page turner for sure up until right before the end. The pacing slowed but with only 40 pages left; however, it was very easy to finish. I did note one error to the Author, but in over 200 pages, to have one word be misspelled is still publish perfection. I was more than eager to continue reading this book all the way through the ending. I am impressed with the premise of the book; I enjoyed the way it’s written formatting wise. I thoroughly loved the ending, and I was subsequently glad I read it in its entirety. For this book I gladly offer her Five Leaves.


“True love has no timeline….”



Available via Amazon

Autumn’s Bookshelf: “The Cyberkink Sideshow” by Ophidia Cox

The Cyberkink Sideshow
Witness for yourself the most depraved exhibition of human sexuality ever permitted on tour.

The Cyberkink Sideshow has come to town, and not everyone is prepared to tolerate it on their home turf. After receiving reports of electronic contraband being smuggled in by the sideshow, Constable Sylvia Price goes undercover to investigate. Once part of the sideshow, she finds herself drawn in to a wild and kinky relationship with vivacious and voluptuous ringmaster, Victor Maynard.

But as events unfold, it’s apparent that someone is trying to frame Victor and the sideshow. Will Sylvia be able to solve the mystery before the show is ruined?

Okay, now that we got the promotional synopsis out of the way, here’s the dirt. This is a great novel! I definitely wasn’t completely enthralled from page one but once you get past the first few scenes, You won’t be able to put it down. Cox writes a differnt type of crime, drama, romance, mysterious, BDSM-based, kinky novel. It has many elements of different types of novels that I feel like its a little something for everyone. I am a lover of all things kinky so I definitely would support this novel. It’s definitely no 50 shades, its way better. Kudos Cox, kudos. For MY bookshelf, I definitely give this a Five Leaves rating.


CLICK HERE to purchase this novel from Lyrical Press.

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