Slut, the Verb

Slut, the verb

I am a slut.
In every sense of the word
I not only treat it as a noun
but a verb
I like to slut around
as I see fit
And enjoy all the privileges that
come with being enjoyed and being pleased
I enjoy being the flirt and being teased
as well as doing so much more
I enjoy being the self proclaimed whore
that I was designed to be
if you have a problem with that
maybe you should fuck with me.
I’m not intending to hide or deny who I am
I am proud to be a slut
I am proud to be me
I am proud to be a whore
I am proud to do all the things you think are too slutty
but he absolutely loves
he adores nothing more that craving his whore
his slut both in mind and spirit
he enjoys the things I do for him
and others if he sees fit
I enjoy being his slut because
I have risen above the mere word
and enjoyed turning slut into a verb.

© 2011 Autumn Forrester-Light

Exploring your Sexuality: Promiscuity

“Fuck me like the whore I will be, choke me like the slut I can be, spank me like the bitch I want to be, worship me like the Goddess I am.”

~Autumn Forrester-Light


This is a quote that I am known for saying. So today’s topic is going to be the general concept of “promiscuity” in its most abstract sense.  Often people use the term slut, whore, bitch, etc as terms of a derogatory nature.  More recently, women especially those under the age of 35 are reclaiming these words as a part of their vernacular.  They are using them to describe themselves.  Many women have embraced the idea of being a “slut” or a “whore,” but overall, it is still not accepted in the general culture.

From Webster’s Online we define the following terms:


  1. composed of all sorts of persons or things
  2. not restricted to one class, sort, or person : indiscriminate
  3. not restricted to one sexual partner
  4. casual, irregular

SLUT (n.)

1        chiefly British : a slovenly woman


  1. promiscuous woman; especially : prostitute
  2. saucy girl : minx

WHORE (n.)

  1. a woman who engages in sexual acts for money : prostitute; also : a promiscuous or immoral woman
  2. a male who engages in sexual acts for money
  3. a venal or unscrupulous person

One of the things that one will notice is that both the definition of slut and whore include the word promiscuous and promiscuous has such a broad definition that it can be used in a blanket sense.  Many people use it to describe (mainly women) those who are more liberal with their partner choice or sexual activities but often times that same standard is not held for their male counterparts.  Even in a society that is considerably more liberal than it was even 40 years ago, America has much farther to go in terms of its views on sexuality.  Women are even, in modern times, are expected to still be reserved, demure, and lady like.  Women who hold power positions are not looked at with the same set of competencies that men are.

So why write this post? Is this another pro-women’s post? Not necessarily.  I am not here to just bash the American culture or to say that we all need to adopt slut and whore as a part of our vernacular.  I am a proponent of people being non-judgmental of other people’s sexual preferences, orientations, and habits.  I believe that people should open their minds to the fact that just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean what he or she is doing is wrong; it just may not be for you.   We should accept people for who they are and not who we want them to be.  Whether that includes the shyer, more reserved, church going woman or the sexually liberal, open ended, club going woman.  Both are different and neither person is better or worse solely based on their sexual choices.

I am very tired of hearing “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” or some variation there of.  I have learned that men (mainly) want a woman who is sexually liberated and open minded but they don’t want someone who has a lot of sexual partners. To me, that’s like wanting someone who went to school to build cars but has never touched one.  Do you really want that person to be your mechanic?  I am not saying this to advocate recklessness but to say that people’s experiences are what make them unique and interesting.  Even sexually, people should open their minds to the possibility.  Well I’m hopping off my soap box for the evening.

Change my Mind

I woke up wanting to change the world

Naah maybe change my clothes

Scratch that, I think I’ll just change my mind

To something more useful


I can change myself to be

What you want me to be

But then would I be me

Or just a carbon copy

Change is good

As long as your foundation remains

The same

And your change

Is meant to enhance

The résumé of your mind


So, I woke up wanting to change the world

Naah maybe change my clothes

Scratch that, I think I’ll just change my mind

To learn and grow

To study and know

To move and go

To a place where change isn’t so bad

And every thought I

Ever had

Is there.


I woke up wanting to change the world

Naah maybe change my clothes

Scratch that, I think I’ll just change my mind

And start that revolution

The mental dissolution

Of all the connotations

That THEY wanted me to think

I will change my mind to think

And be

A reflection of me and

Televise the resolution of my soul


I woke up wanting to change the world

Naah maybe change my clothes

Scratch that, I think I’ll just change my mind


2010 © Autumn Forrester-Light

Labored Breaths

Labored breaths




Letting go

Of the day’s stressors


I feel your body succumb

To my breath

To my moistened blow

As I use my tongue

To bring to you ecstasy

Unparalled and Unknown

But all the while show

You the area

Beyond the horizon


Labored breaths

I see you peak

And you dare to speak

Utter the words that I do long to hear

And some how you have come to fear

Will be the end of the ride

But as you seem to realize

Its only the beginning of the high

That lies between your thighs

And explodes in a surprise

bouncing all over your skin

hearing you barely breathing


Labored breaths

With sharp, tense breaths

and fluid movements

you begin to clench the sheets

as my tongue continually meets

the inner sacredness

“Hello, yoni, old friend

Its nice to see you again”

And its to no surprise

that she has no reply

save the babbling of you

and the fire in your eyes.


Labored breaths

I have to enjoy

Gazing upon the stars

And listening to your heart

Beat through the veins

That course through your body

And the rhythmic pounding

That pulls me into your soul

And has mysteries untold

The earth and stars cosmic constellations

Begin to form and explode beyond control

With every orgasm formed


Its with labored breaths

And the constant ebb

And flow of your dove

That I have come to love

and it moves me to


(c) 2010 AFL

last night we made love

last night we made love

and i was flying

high in the sky

past the clouds


i feel weightless

i feel limitless

i feel less of me

and more of you with every smack

i don’t feel pain

i don’t feel hurt

i don’t feel the stress of my day

i feel the caress of your skin

the firmness of your hand

last night we made love

from sunset to the dawn

of a new era i felt the sensation


the angels in heaven rejoiced

at all the noize i was making

or maybe that was the neighbors complaining

but i aint just  thanking you

for the love you shared with me


last night we made love

and i sensed it all

i smelled the freshness of your cologne

light but masculine

i could see the dark carmel skin on mine

i felt the grip you hand firmly placed on my neck

and i

and i

and i

i was in heaven

floating some where between life and death

where nothing mattered

not rent

not car payments

not bills

not anything

i floated to a place where my existence

was another blessed event

and the angels rejoiced

in my presence

they rejoiced

to see me again


see last night we made love

and it was epic



beyond phenomenal

to the point i felt that i could see the stars

and begin to count them individually


and there i felt you like never before

i felt the weight of your body pressed against mines

i felt the warmth of your breath whispering “you’re mine”

i felt the firmness of the grip you placed on the collar

i felt the ball and gag so i wouldn’t holler

i felt every stroke of the paddle on my ass

i couldn’t think of another word (sorry to be so crass)

i felt the metal against my skin

i felt something new inside me begin

to unlock and unfold and become born

i felt you


and last night…. we made sweet love


© 2010


Mission Accomplished

She laid before me a Goddess.  Her body glistened in the bright sunlight as it shown though the blinds. Full hips, lips, and breasts, I indulged my sights on the sweet wetness that was there for me.  I laid between her legs; I was nervous.  She caressed my face and I could feel the tension melting away.  “Don’t be afraid, little one. I will let you know.” I averted my attention to the task at hand.  Her lips full, clit engorged, and the wetness was accumulating. I took my time, inhaled the essence of her womanness.

I indulged my lips on hers.  Barely touching her clit I parted my lips and began to take the first taste. She tasted as good as she looked; my taste buds began to dance as I prepared them for another lick.  From the entry to the tip I liked the entire length of her womanhood.  My tongue gently parted her lips massaged her clit, slowly and methodically.  I explored her as her hand rested on the top of my head gently stroking my hair.  I finally heard it escape, the first moan.  It was like music to my ears.  Deep and earthy like she was feeling it in her very soul.

I continued on with my mission.  I allowed my tongue to explore her protruding clit more. I fondled it with the tip of my tongue and cupped my lips around it.  Gently sucking on it with my top lip I slid the hood back a little further completely exposing it to my warm wet mouth.  I flicked it slowly but steadily.  She began to moan more. This charged me and inspired me to press on with my mission.  I used my top lip to keep her clit exposed while running my tongue back and forth on her clit. Her breathing became labored.  Her moans became more frequent and her hand was pushing my head into her sweet wetness.  I lapped her up like a puppy to water.  I wrapped my arms around her legs. I pushed my face deeper sucking and licking on her clit, feeding myself on the essence of her being. Her legs tensed against my face.  Her thighs began to quiver and then I heard the most soul gratifying “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” known to man as it escaped her lips.  Her cum was on my lips.  I tasted her essence and I knew I had made her happy.

Mission accomplished.

© 2010

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife


Thick thighs wide hips

Piercing eyes full lips

You only see with your eyes

yet you don’t see the treasure

that lies

behind her eyes

and not between her thighs


You are consumed with

finding a prize

some trophy wife

someone to carry your strife

be the pride of your life

but never the less you done see

that she

is more than some prize

to be on a shelf


She is more than the color of her skin

the clothes she’s in

and the shape of her rear end

She is more than the color of her eyes

thickness of her thighs

or just a trophy wife


She has dreams

funny as it may seem

she has a mind

and is more than worth

the time

the energy

and the investment

into her spirit


Have you sought her heart

that might be the start

to something special


and more incredible

than you realize


Have you sought her soul

or helped her reach a goal

even just to behold

the beauty of molding

her into something greater


Thick thighs wide hips

Piercing eyes full lips

You only see with your eyes

yet you don’t see the treasure

that lies

behind her eyes

and not between her thighs

You only see her as your trophy wife


© 2011


Exploring Your Sexuality, Part 1

Exploring your sexuality
Whatever your sexuality is; think about it, find it, love it, and shout it to the world.
I notice in talking to women and experiencing life as a woman that there are several levels of sexuality and in this series of writings. I will share my observations, poems, thoughts, and stories.
This is no way an educational thesis to be taken as fact. It is only my point of view as a sexually active black women living in the new millennium in the United States of America
First I’ll introduce to the different types of sexuality.
  • The Church Girl: She is saving herself for marriage. This young one is doing all the things she was taught in church, by her parents, and society. Sex is not public nor should it be discussed. She is probably not on this website or reading this article.
  • The Green Girl: she knows some things about sex. She has had one or two lovers and is really waiting for Mr. Right to explore all the sexual things she sees in movies or reads about in books. She may even have a friend or two that is more experienced. She is a little more curious than the church girl.
  • The Sexual Know It All: This girl has seen every movie, she has read every sexually explicit urban fiction book on the shelf, she is aware of all the new sexual trends and toys all to be ready when Mr. Right arrives. She may even have a maintenance man or a starting lineup… (We will get to those explanations later)
  • The Sexual Kitten (Flirt): This girl is fully aware of her sex appeal at all times; she knows how to work it to her advantage. This girl is pussy savvy. She knows the power of the pussy and how it can get any man OR woman to give you what you want and or need. This girl does not even have to give it up to get it. She is well on her way to finding pleasure whenever she is ready. She usually lets out that sexy side for her one and only partner.
  • The Sexually Free Vixen: This is a woman after my own heart. She is a little of each of the others. She has knowledge, flirtatious tendencies, curiosity, and minimal inhibitions on her side. The Vixen has a maintenance man, a starting lineup and is free to do any random person she choosing that she meets along the way. This girl is willing to do anything and everything that is safe, sane, and consensual, in search of ultimate sexual pleasure.
  • The ALL OUT WHORE: She will do whatever it takes to get a nut. She will do herself, a stranger in the street, any object in the produce section of the grocery store. She will do man woman or child. Her focus is usually on pure physicality of sex or using sex as a means to get something tangible.
  • As we move along we will learn more about each of these women and how they interact with others and their sexuality. We will see them evolve like butterflies from one to the next. They grow, they change and some even stay the same.

Down on my Knees

It was

down on my knees

where I found peace

I found the pleasure of surrender

I found the joy of powerless

I found the peace of submission

of myself not just to you

but to the greater than I

to the cosmos

to the life force that streams

through me


It was

down on my knees

where I found the strength

to hold on

to live on

to carry on

in spite of the past

despite the present

forever and unconditionally

loving the future

to be more


It was

down on my knees

where I learned the weight

of a collar

the sting of a flogger

and the joy of ever holler


and incomprehensible thing

that escaped my lips

the kinetic energy

the feel of your finger tips

the synergy of our souls

into becoming one


It was

down on my knees

where I mended pieces

of my soul

previously disjointed

shards of my heart

sharp as glass

needing to be mended by your hands

needed to be caressed

to pick up the mess

that was me


It was

down on my knees

where I found



and the will to continue on

in this journey.


©2011 AFL


Reasons that we’re here

No, it’s not just a cheesy song title. In this period of reflection, I have gone over my previous relationships and realized that everyone has a reason for being there. Whether it’s long or short lived it still matters none the less. There is no reason for me to continue to let the people of the past hurt me because he or she has moved on and is no longer thinking about me. I continue to give him or her power over my life by harboring the guilt of being duped, the pain that they caused, and the fear that it will happen again. Truth of the matter is, I should be thanking him because without that pain, I wouldn’t value what I do have. I would not have been as strong as I am now. Sure there are other ways to teach the lessons of life but each of our lives are customized for us. No matter how many times someone tells you the stove is hot, you didn’t realize it until you were burned, and thus through the pain of being burnt, you learned to avoid heat from the stove. This doesn’t mean that one should go looking for hurt or pain recklessly but that we should appreciate the joys and pains of life. They all serve a purpose. Each person that we come in contact with even those who mean us ill will and harm, serve a purpose in our life.