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Intimacy for One: Baltimore Edition

Intimacy for One: Baltimore Edition Charm City. The city that reads. Home of the Wire. Home of the Ravens and the Orioles. Bird city. Baltimore. All of these titles are ways to describe Baltimore but when it comes to sex and relationships, there aren’t always a lot of different things to do….unless one knows where …

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Intimacy for One: Single Parents Edition

Intimacy: closeness, familiarity, warmth, affection; close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. (courtesy of Google “intimacy” and one will pop up a bunch of sites about relationships and marriage. Not something that the single person wants to hear. Google “intimacy” and “single” and most of what pops …

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I have not the words to say to begin to describe the way that I feel the things that have happened to me feel the unreal embrace the unnatural and enjoy the unparallel to the things that I have known in the past I love with a freedom that I have never known a joy …

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